Monastery San Miguel de los Reyes

Avda. de la Constitución, 284;46019 - Valencia


Founded by the Duke of Calabria, the San Miguel de los Reyes Monastery is one of the best examples of the Valencian Renaissance, and can be considered the prototype for El Escorial, as it was designed to be a Royal Pantheon, a Hieronymite monastery, a college and a church. However, various mishaps prevented the project from being completed in its entirety. The two architects who designed it in 1546 were Alonso de Covarrubias and Juan de Vidaña. Following the death of the Duke, the construction was interrupted for more than twenty years. Other criteria were then considered, but the first group of buildings fully assumes the Renaissance style. Recently restored and inaugurated (April 23rd 1999) it serves as the Valencian Library. The restoration combines respect for history with the latest technological advances.

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