Valencia selected as the best city in the world to live in the InterNations ranking

| 02.12.2022 | 12:39

Almost 20 kilometers of beach, more than 2 million square meters of gardens, affordable mass transit and quality health care are some of the factors that make Valencia the best city in the world to live in, according to the InterNations ranking, the largest community of expats. The city already held this top position in 2020, and this year it again leads the list and the quality-of-life category.  

Rounding out the top ten, in order, are Dubai, Mexico City, Lisbon, Madrid, Bangkok, Basel, Melbourne, Abu Dhabi and Singapore. And a total of 50 cities around the world.


No place like home, in Valencia 

It's very easy to adapt to the lifestyle of Valencia, so it's no surprise that many foreigners say they feel "at home" here. The city is always brimming with activity, but it's ever-changing and welcoming, with options for every taste. The city is also perfectly sized so you can get around easily anywhere inside it, and the nature of the terrain makes it ideal for cycling along its extensive bicycle lanes, which are present in practically the entire city center.


2,696 hours of sunlight a year 

If there is one thing that characterizes Valencia, it's the good weather on tap year-round. With 2,696 hours of sunlight and an average temperature of 19º C (66º F), this city is a perfect destination at any time and, of course, an ideal place to live. The beaches of La Malvarrosa, Pinedo and El Saler are frequent meeting point for residents, regardless of the season. There are only a few cities where you can go for a dip in the sea in November or enjoy a boat ride in the sun in February. This climate also defines the character of Valencians, who are always warm hosts for visitors.   


A green and healthy city 

Parks such as Cabecera, Central and the old Turia riverbed, gardens such as Monforte, Viveros and El Botánico, and natural landscapes such as El Saler and La Albufera make Valencia a green and sustainable city that embraces nature, and that also holds the titles of European Capital of Smart Tourism 2022 and European Green Capital 2024. An ideal city for outdoor sports, with many facilities and activities that encourage physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle. We'd be remiss not to mention Valencia's cuisine, which is an ode to the true Mediterranean diet. Local ingredients and traditional recipes merge with new culinary trends in a perfect tandem that showcases the products of this land. Citrus fruits, rice and olive oil are some of the local flavors that captivate foreigners.


Safety and quality health care 

Safety is one of the most cherished aspects by any citizen, regardless of their origin. Valencia is a very safe city, and rated as such by expatriates, since it has a low crime rate and you can walk down its streets with complete peace of mind at any time of day. Its relaxed lifestyle and the friendly character of its residents convey serenity and calm, making residents feel that nothing bad can happen here. 

According to international respondents, another benefit of Valencia is the accessibility to health care, both for its price and its quality, with a percentage of 80%, exceeding the world average of 61%.  


Affordable cost of living 

The wide range and adaptability of the city's services make its cost of living reasonable for all residents, thanks to its affordable public transportation network, easy access to quality food, and leisure options that suit every budget.  

There are many reasons why Valencia is the best city in the world to live in, but there is only one way to discover them. By experiencing it, tasting it and exploring it.