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Valencia: the perfect destination for a new era in tourism

| 06.04.2021 | 14:23

After a year of restrictions and worry, the desire to enjoy a well-deserved holiday is stronger than ever, but the pandemic has brought up new considerations when it comes to choosing a destination. Some seek green spaces, where they can enjoy nature and outdoor activities, and keep healthy. Many want to reduce their environmental impact and support local communities. And others yearn for urban pleasures such as dining at a nice restaurant, but they want to avoid crowds. València has the answer for all of them.

A green destination

València is a destination where visitors can enjoy outdoor life: on its beaches, in its squares and outdoor cafés, and especially in its ample green spaces. In the middle of the city, Turia Garden spans over nine kilometres, offering an oasis of tranquillity for walking or sport, all while enjoying the scent of pine trees and flowers. And, less than half an hour from the city centre, La Albufera Natural Park provides a place to connect with nature and discover the local flora and bird life on bike rides and walks through woods and along natural beaches, or on a boat ride through the lagoon and marshes.


A healthy destination

Keeping healthy has always been easy in València. The health benefits of plenty of sunshine, sea breezes and a pleasant Mediterranean climate are supplemented by a healthy diet based on fresh produce from the farming areas surrounding the city. There are any number of opportunities for outdoor sport, from running to water-based activities. Plus, there is also an excellent selection of spas for relaxing both body and mind with innovative massages or alternative treatments, at hotels such as The Westin Valencia, the Hotel Las Arenas Balneario Resort or the Parador de El Saler, located in the heart of La Albufera Natural Park.


A sustainable destination

València was a pioneer in verifying and certifying the carbon footprint of its tourist activity with a study conducted by Global Omnium in collaboration with Visit València, and it aims to be an emission-neutral destination by 2025. Visitors who want to reduce their environmental impact can, for example, opt to explore the city on two wheels, taking advantage of its flat terrain and a network of more than 150 kilometres of bike lanes. And excursions to l'Albufera and L’Horta, València’s fertile region, offer the chance to explore local traditions and support the fishing and farming communities that live and work there.

“Zero km” cuisine is also well-established in València, and the abundance of local products from farm and sea can be enjoyed in bars and restaurants throughout the city. Some go even further in their sustainable initiatives. For example, the eponymous restaurant run by Ricard Camarena is the first in València to receive the Green Michelin Star, in recognition of its commitment to sustainability and close collaboration with local farmers. And Lienzo Restaurant aims to raise its customers’ awareness of the importance of saving the bees, including desserts made with artisanal honey from its own hives on the menu.


An urban destination at a local pace

Although many opt for rural environments, the charms of the city, with its cultural, culinary, shopping and leisure options, will remain irresistible to some. However, they may avoid the crowds in the major European capitals, choosing secondary destinations. València offers a compact historic district where you can explore medieval side streets, traditional neighbourhoods such as Cabañal and Ruzafa where you can mix with the local population, and a less frenetic lifestyle. But it also has renowned museums, a varied cultural events calendar and unbeatable culinary offerings, which range from the traditional esmorzaret (mid-morning meal) to delicious seafood tapas, as well as authentic Valencia-style paella and the most creative dishes from Michelin-star chefs. A foodie paradise!


The perfect office for digital nomads

València's appeal goes beyond tourism. Its location, climate and healthy, relaxed lifestyle have earned it recognition as the ideal city to live, as well as a great place to work. Now that telework has become commonplace and accepted, why not work by the sea? For example, digital nomads can stay in the apartments at Singular Stays or use the co-working spaces at Wayco. The Hotel València Oceanic also offers its rooms for work during the day, as well as the rest of its services. Without a doubt, taking a break for a dip in the pool will help with the concentration, and make you feel much better.


València is all these destinations in one ... and much more. In a changing world filled with uncertainty, a getaway to the city on the Turia is still your best bet. For more information and inspiration, stop by the Visit València website and start making plans for your next holiday.

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