The museum of Fine Arts expands its Flemish art collection

| 04.01.2022 | 14:19

Rubens, Van Dyck, Sadeler, Goltzius, Van Kessel, Verbruggen are some of the great geniuses of Flemish painting and they have become central figures in the permanent collection of the Valencia Fine Arts Museum after the incorporation of sixteen works from the collection of Hans Rudolf Gerstenmaier. The gallery thus enriches its collection of Baroque paintings and consolidates its position as a must-see cultural reference point in the city.

The legacy of the German collector includes a total of forty-one works of art from the Antwerp school from the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Some pieces will be exhibited only temporarily owing to their being fragile, such as the mythological series by Johan Sadeler and Hendrick Goltzius, or the portraits engraved from designs by Rubens and Van Dyck. Other pictorial gems can already be appreciated in the museum, such as the 'Madonna and Child' by Peter Paul Rubens, the 'Calvary' by Adriaen Thomasz Key or the 'Adoration of the Shepherds'" by Marten de Vos. The collection also includes outstanding still lifes, such as that by Jan van Kessel and the vases by Gaspar Pieter Verbruggen.


New exhibitions in 2022

In addition to the new Flemish art collection and other recent additions such as the 'Portrait of Michele Marullo Tarcaniota' by Sandro Boticelli, the Museum of Fine Arts offers a varied programme of temporary exhibitions. Among those planned for next year is Ánima (from 20 October to 5 February 2023), a retrospective of the portrait as a device for generating memory beyond life. The programme for 2022 is completed by the exhibition dedicated to the Alicante artist José Aparicio Inglada (from 24 February to 29 May); the exhibition Design, Silks and Flowers (from 16 June to 11 September), dedicated to the design of fabrics with applied flowers; and Towards poetics of gender (from 30 June to 18 September), on the presence of women in the art of the 19th and 20th centuries in Spain. 

The Valencia Fine Arts Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 20:00, and admission is always free.