Discovering the Secret Life of Microalgae

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TOURISTIC AREA: Historical center

A didactic journey through the world of microalgae and its impact on our planet.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of microalgae from the Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània (CCCC). The exhibition "The Secret Life of Microalgae" offers a didactic tour to discover the adaptation of these microorganisms and their fundamental contribution to the creation of aerobic life on Earth as we know it today. In the current context of climate emergency, their central role in reducing greenhouse gases and their ability to fix CO2 through photosynthesis is highlighted. 

The exhibition itinerary allows for a better understanding of the contribution and benefits that microalgae cultivation can bring to today's world in sectors as varied as health (pharmaceutical industry), nutrition, organic agriculture, clean energy, space exploration, and green technology. 

Conceived by Un Jardin Sur Les Toits, the exhibition revolves around a central installation with a bioreactor that produces the complete cycle of microalgae from its genesis to maturity in real time, along with a water tank that beats to the rhythm of a heart, reminding us that life began with cyanobacteria. 

A wavering mist with the unique aroma of mangroves and the sound of flowing water fills the space, creating a fully immersive experience. To visualize the molecular life of cyanobacteria, their evolution, and the utility of microalgae, a large didactic video is projected on the walls of the installation. Additionally, a real-time indicator shows the exact level of CO2 fixed by microalgae. 

In parallel, an NFT bioreactor is created to offer real-time decarbonization of the blockchain by carbon fixation in the real world. 


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Centre del Carme, Calle Museo, Valencia, España

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