Alameda, City of Arts and Sciences and Oceanogràfic

The former bed of the River Turia

The former bed of the River Turia, whose course was altered due to continual flooding, has given rise to a 9-kilometre garden that runs through the city from west to east with interesting museums on both sides, sports facilities, children's playgrounds and 18 bridges. If you cross the "Las Flores" Bridge you’ll come across the Pla del Real district, home to several buildings which were built for the Regional Exhibition held in Valencia in 1909. Here you’ll find the City of Arts and Sciences and, located opposite this complex, the revamped Fallas Museum.


ciudad ciencias
City Of Arts and Sciences Monuments
Valencia Aquarium Oceanografic
Jardines Del Real - Jardines De Viveros
Royal Garden & Viveros Garden
museo de bellas artes exterior
Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia
Palacio de la Exposición
The Exposition Palace
Mestalla Valencia
Valencia Football