Berklee, en tierra de músicos

The world’s most prestigious private school of music, Berklee College of Music, has only one campus apart from Boston. This is, of course, the València campus, located next to the Palau de les Arts. Over 1,500 students from a total of 71 different countries come to receive training from world-class teachers and performers. The majority of students travel far and wide after completing their demanding training, but some decide to stay in València. The city has a strong musical tradition and is currently home to roughly 2,000 registered bands.

Berklee students also reward the city with live performances throughout the year. The concert series ‘Music in the open with Berklee’, organised in collaboration with the City of Arts and Sciences, comprises open-air concerts, images set to music and acoustic performances all year round. A free concert is held every Friday during term time at the museum’s main lake. However, the most important event of the year is Berklee Night, an open-air concert held in July, at which students and teachers come together to perform their best work on a floating stage.

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