The Natural Science Museum

General Elio 1, (Jardines de Viveros) 46010 - València

TOURISTIC AREA: Historical center

It is a display of technology and knowledge, Europe's most important palaeontological collection of American mammals of the Pleistocene, a mollusc shell collection and an exhibition of Valencian ecosystems.

The museum has four different areas covering the Valencian contribution to Natural Sciences. The naturalistic tradition is presented as an essential component of Valencian culture from the Renaissance to the twentieth century. The paleontological exhibition takes us through the history of life and the different epochs of its development. Special emphasis is placed on the Valencian Community and the evolution of its eco-systems. The most important paleontological exhibition in this area, the legacy of J. Rodrigo Botet, consists of a fabulous display from the quaternary of South America. The most emblematic and representative exhibit in the museum is the magnificent 'Megaterio’.


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