A new way to experience sport

They're filling stadiums all over the world. The eSports fans are part of a global phenomenon that is no longer in the hands of professional players alone.  Whether they are a sport or not yet generate much controversy, but what is clear is that they have revolutionized the world of sport and many clubs are already in the sector, such as Valencia CF and Levante UD, with their own teams. The e-players are today media stars with thousands of followers in social networks, who need a healthy diet and physical preparation to get good scores in the games.

Dreamhack, the world's largest digital festival

More than 65,000 people attended the last edition of Dreamhack in Valencia, a festival first held in Sweden in 1994 that holds the Guinness record for the world's largest digital festival. Today, it is also held in Las Vegas, Leipzig, Jönköping, Malmö, Tours, Austin, Montreal, Atlanta, Denver ... with a total of 11 editions throughout the year.

The festival in Valencia, which is held at the fairgrounds, has three different areas for all audiences to enjoy to the fullest. In the LAN Area, 2000 people share the same high-speed connection in the same room. And not everyone is going to play video games, but there are also programmers, DJs, graphic designers or technology enthusiasts eager to share their concerns. The EXPO Area brings together brands that organise their own activities and competitions, and finally, the ESPORTS Area hosts the most popular game tournaments of the moment.

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