Valencia Pet Friendly

The best guide of Valencia to travel with your pet

If you are organising a trip to Valencia and do not want to leave your pet at home, there are plenty of pet-friendly options within the city so you can enjoy your holiday together.


Where you can walk your dog

Valencia has over 2 million m2 of gardens, among which are the Plant Nurseries, the Botanical Garden and the Turia Gardens, which is a large green space connecting the natural Turia Gardens with over 50 kilometres of trails. They are ideal to walk your dog.

As well as these green spaces, there are around 20 kilometres of sandy beaches. The Urbanas, Canañal and Malvarrosa beaches are next to the promenade where you can stroll with your dog. The Pinedo beach, to the south of the city, has a reserved area for dogs in the summer. If your pet prefers to run around natural spaces, the Albufera natural park is the perfect place to take a break from the city and wander along rural paths in El Saler and the nearby rice fields. The Valencian orchard is also another great alternative, with shacks, fields and farms, surrounded by greenery right next to the city. Finally, the Sierra Calderona natural park is a breath of fresh air only 40 minutes away from the city.


How to move around


If you are a member of the "Not without my pet" group, we make it easy for you in Valencia, because you can travel with your pet in the public buses of the Municipal Bus Company (Empresa Municipal de Transportes). All you have to do is apply for your Título EMT Mascota card in the offices of the Oficinas de Atención a la Ciudadanía of the EMT. Your pet's identity card will cost you only 5 Euro, is valid for two years and can be reloaded.

To apply for your Título EMT Mascota card, all you have to do is fill in an application form, present the original of your identity card or passport with a copy of it, show the updated veterinary card and provide a passport photo of your pet that shows it clearly. Your travel companion must not weigh more than 15 kg, be perfectly accredited with its identification chip and travel in a portable cage of maximum 45x35x25 cm.

When you show your Título EMT Mascota card, you can take your pet with you on all public bus lines managed by the EMT in Valencia without restrictions. When boarding the bus, make sure you have a place on the bus that does not disturb other passengers and place the cage on your lap or at your feet as it should not be seated. And please note that only three mascots may travel in each bus and under no circumstances will exotic, poisonous or potentially dangerous animals be allowed in.


Other means of transport

Apart from guide dogs, animals cannot travel on public transport. Regarding taxis, this will depend on the driver who will decide and as long as the owner holds the animal and it does not take up a seat.

All dogs must be on a lead in public spaces. It is important to know when your dog must wear a muzzle. More information available here and do not forget to put your dog's muzzle on. There are social areas for dogs all over the city where they can run around freely.

Veterinary clinics


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