Tourism pictograms for persons with cognitive impairment

In our ongoing effort to continue improving visitor services and make universal accessibility one of València’s hallmarks, we have taken another step forward in making tourism offerings more accessible to persons with the communication or language difficulties typically found in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 


More than 60 different pictograms to help identify the main tourist attractions and services 

Mapa Pictogramas autismo
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We have partnered with experts, including the Arasaac (Aragonese Center of Augmentative and Alternative Communication), who had the brilliant idea to create easily understandable pictograms for this type of disability, and we have relied on the experience of the Valencian Association of Parents of Persons with Autism. Together, we worked to produce a full set of symbols, which are flooding València with inclusive signage. They have also been placed on the map of the city. Tourist offices, gardens, museums, theatres, beaches, hotels, restaurants, and more all have their own pictogram, making any location or resource easily accessible.


New tool for planning a trip to València

pictogramas autismo

The new pictograms represent a new tool for planning a trip to València. They will be extremely useful for two groups:

  1. Families with persons with autism can now plan their trip to València, discover everything to see and visit before leaving home and allow the entire group to choose their itinerary together, because the content will be adapted. This is also a very educational and entertaining option for families with children, allowing them to explore a city free from limitations and guess the meaning of the symbols.
  2. Companies in the tourism industry now have another tool to make their business or service more accessible. The pictograms can be downloaded free of charge here and can be used on signage at the entrance to the establishment, in communications with customers, online, in social media profiles or on any other medium. There are eight different categories. 
    • Accommodations: Tourist apartments, hotels, guest houses and youth hostels.
    • Shopping: Travel agencies, handicrafts, jeweller's shops, markets, optician's shops, food shops, clothing shops and souvenir shops. 
    • Food Services: Bars, cafés, restaurants and catering services. 
    • Museums and Places of Interest: Bioparc, City of Arts and Sciences, cultural organisations, gardens, places of interest, museums, art museums, Natural Science Museum, History Museum, Las Fallas Museum, Bullfighting Museum, Science Museum, parks and exhibition halls. 
    • Leisure: performing arts venues, casinos, cinemas, concerts, discotheques, gambling establishments, theatres and terrace bars. 
    • Health and Beauty: dermatology facilities, cosmetic facilities, reproductive medicine institutes, health and beauty (three different options) and spas. 
    • Transport and Mobility: coach hire, watercraft, boats, public buses, tourist buses, catamarans, underground, taxis and trains. 
    • Tours and Tourist Activities: bicycle hire, cultural management companies, printing shops, event organisers, boat rides, advertising, hostess services, sport services, tax-free services, translation, guided bike tours and guided walking tours.



More visual and auditory support for tourist offices

Tourist offices have their own pictogram, also translated into Braille, and some have an alarm system for persons with hearing impairment, in an effort to ensure a more comfortable and easier to understand experience for all travellers.

Tour guides will soon have clear masks which comply with health measures and allow people with hearing impairment to read their lips. 

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