Long live the Tomatina: the world's most famous tomato battle

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On August 31, one of the most original and fun battles in the world is taking over Buñol. The famous Tomatina is back to celebrate its 75th edition.

For one hour, more than 150,000 kilos of tomatoes will fly through the air, dyeing the streets of the Valencian municipality red, until firecrackers in the town square mark the end of the battle.

Are you in?

You just have to buy a ticket, put on some old clothes and comfortable shoes, get some goggles to protect your eyes... And you're ready to take part in the Tomatina!

Immersing yourself in a shower of tomatoes is something you have to experience at least once in your life, but if you prefer to do it from home, "La Tomatina VR Experience" is the perfect alternative.

This interactive virtual reality game lets you be part of the battle and see what this party feels like, but without getting dirty ;)

Oh! For the little ones, Buñol has organized a free children's Tomatina on August 27 in the town square. This way, the whole family can have fun at this unique event.

The world's most famous tomato festival is finally back. Don’t miss it!

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