10 Senses, the most spectacular festival of living arts

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The choreographer Sadeck Waff and the dancer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, the featured artists of the festival

Under the motto PorLaCultura, the 10 Senses Festival returns to Valencia with a meeting of living arts that calls for the conservation of culture as an invaluable human resource. Dance, theater, music, cinema, literature, visual arts and plastic arts will fill various spaces in the city between May 3 and 18.

Sadeck Waff: Exploring the geometry of movement

The edition will open on May 3 with an unpublished work by the French choreographer Sadeck Waff. Known for the hypnotic and geometric choreographies that amazed the public at the closing of the Tokyo Paralympic Games, Waff will arrive in Valencia with a unique creation produced together with local dancers.

The synchronization choreographer plays with his arms to create fascinating group shows that integrate composition, movement and light. Look what he has done other times:

Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker: Revolutionizing contemporary dance

The Teatro Principal will host the first performance in Valencia of "Fase, four movements to the music of Steve Reich", an emblematic work by the Belgian dancer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. This composition, which challenged the boundaries of contemporary dance in 1982, is presented on May 4, exploring the interplay between the minimalist music of Steve Reich and the innovative choreographic movement of De Keersmaeker.

Sparks, children's imagination

On May 10 and 11, the Teatre El Musical hosts the Sparks project, a body interpretation exercise designed by the Italian multidisciplinary artist Francesca Grilli. It is a performance in which boys and girls between 8 and 12 years old read the hands of the participants to guess their future. Sparks seeks to bring a unique vision of the world that can only emerge from the minds of boys and girls, temporary bearers of magical powers.

More programming

The 10 Senses Festival also includes pieces and activities for children and young people, including workshops, a drawing exhibition or a couple of dance shows.

The entire schedule can be consulted on the official website.



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