Beaches On The Outskirts

Beaches among nature parks

Getting out of the city's comfort is a jackpot. Just 10 minutes from Valencia are the beaches where the fusion of nature and leisure finds its maximum expression. To the south of the port are those located in the heart of the L'Albufera Nature Park. These are 17 kilometres of fine, golden sand, often between protected dunes and with all the charms of their scenic beauty. To get there, you can take the bus or a private car, if you are not a fan of cycle tourism, which has a wonderful cycle path in this area. It is very advisable to combine the enjoyment of sand and sea with the exploration of surprisingly green and leafy paths.


Quantity and quality

First you arrive at the beach of Pinedo, the only one that allows you to visit with your pet. And behind it there are a series of beautiful beaches that never seem to end: the "Arbre del Gos" and "El Saler". The latter and that of Pinedo have nudist areas. With Garrofera Beach we enter the heart of the L'Albufera Nature Park, with a huge natural freshwater lake, the largest in Spain, which is right on the sea front and delimits a narrow strip of sand, dunes and pine groves that makes you think you are in a paradise destination. And you are truly in one! Next up is a real jewel, the beach of La Devesa de El Saler, a truly virgin sandy area on our route. It is 5 kilometres of nature in its purest form. The end of the route takes us to Perellonet-Recatí, a developed beach that has the charm of being surrounded by the characteristic landscape of rice fields.

Being outside Valencia does not mean that you do not have access to a first class culinary offer. There are many excellent restaurants that follow the rules of Valencian rice and seafood cuisine. With small culinary delights from the Albufera such as all-i-pebre, eel stew, potatoes and a sauce that will make you smile with happiness. You will lick your fingers!


playa pinedo mascota
Pinedo beach
Playa de l'Arbre del Gos
L’Arbre del Gos beach
Playa El Saler
El Saler Beach
Playa de la Garrofera
La Garrofera beach
Playa de la Devesa
La Devesa beach
Playa el Perellonet
El Perellonet - Recatí Beach


Playa el saler albufera
The Valencia's beaches route
Atardecer albufera
Albufera Natural Park