L'ETNO. Valencian Museum of Ethnology

La Beneficencia building. Corona, 36. 46003 – Valencia

TOURISTIC AREA: Historical center

The Ark of the Covenant of Valencian popular culture.

The L’ETNO museum is tasked with collecting, researching and sharing all the manifestations that come out of Valencian popular culture. Its aim is to ensure that the traditions, practices and customs of yesteryear endure in a constant dialogue with today's society. 

The permanent exhibit entitled "It's not easy being Valencian" addresses the debate of identity through objects, documents, photographs and personal testimonies. A permanent debate between an increasingly culturally homogeneous world and the desire to observe customs and practices that are considered personal and that are rooted in a land and a society. This issue is approached by taking Valencian society as a reference, from the end of the pre-industrial world to the present day. The exhibit is organized around three areas that correspond to the places where Valencians live: the City, which raises questions involving the tension between global and local; the Farms and Marshlands, which considers some of the stereotypes of Valencian culture; and Dry Farming and the Mountain, which makes reference to little known issues involving the lands of inland Valencia. 

It shares a home, the La Beneficencia building, with the Museum of Prehistory. 


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  • Century XIX


Calle Corona, 36, 46003, Valencia, España

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