Monforte Garden (L'Hort de Romero)

Legión Española s/n, 46010 - València

TOURISTIC AREA: City of Arts and Alameda

A neoclassic design full of statues, pools, fountains, walkways and rest areas, the gardens are set in the old orchard of the Baron of Llaurí; bought in 1849 by Juan Bautista Romero, the Marquis of San Juan, who gave the architect Sebastián Monleón Estellés the task of creating the gardens.

The gardens are divided into two parts: a geometric garden in the neoclassic style in front of the mansion and a naturalist, clearly Romantic area. Its structure has never really been changed though in 1942 some small alterations were made which were very much in line with the gardens' historical design. Since 1970 the gardens have belonged to the City council and have 12,000 square meters; it is a public area to relax and enjoy nature.

There are also attractive statues, fountains and ceramic ornaments among the trees, bushes, shrubs, hedges and flowers of great beauty and the gardens are considered to be among the best in the city of Valencia. There is even a Bonsai exhibition garden which is unique in Europe. The hedges have been cut into decorative figures and borders.

The mansion is in the French academic rococo style, fitting perfectly with the gardens and was also designed by Sebastián Monleón Estellés. The main floor is built in the form of a Greek cross and in the upper part there is a lantern that illuminates the dome. The interior is decorated with allegorical figures; the lions of white Colmenar stone that adorn the access to the gardens were sculpted by José Bellver for the steps to the entrance of the Spanish parliament in Madrid but were not used as they were too small.


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    Autumn/winter (21st September-20th March), 10.30am to 6.00pm

    Spring/summer (21st March-20th September), 10.30am to 8.00pm

    The mansion is not open to the public


Jardí de Montfort, Calle de Monforte, València, España

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