Alenar Bodega Mediterranea

Calle Martinez Cubells, 6 (Bajoº floor) 46002 València

TOURISTIC AREA: Historical center

Alenar means in Valencian to take a deep breath of air, to breathe being conscious, to inhale to bring life. It is the first thing we do when we reach the sea, when we smell wet earth, when we are in love... or when, closing our eyes, we enjoy eating something we love. Alenar is a place to enjoy excellent tapas, great wines and the best conversations in the centre of Valencia. At the head of the menu are the Two Many Chefs, that is, Carlos Medina (Top Chef) and Tomi Soriano. Two "magicians" of the kitchen who have created a fresh, dynamic menu with local produce that is a tribute to our territory and the Mediterranean. The menu also includes many nods to La Marina Alta, the region where Jordi Gil Agulles, the founder of the project, comes from, with emblematic dishes such as "les coques de La Marina", "els figatells" or "esgarraet con capellanets". You can feel the energy of the Montgó and the posidonia under the beautiful hand-painted mural by the Valencian artist Gisela Talita. Alenar is the perfect place to enjoy tapas perfectly paired with excellent wines from small wineries in the Comunitat. We are open from Monday to Saturday. We serve "esmorzarets", lunches and dinners with a kitchen that is always open.


  • Schedule info Monday to Friday: 8:45h to 22:30h. Saturdays from 10:45h to 22:30h.


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