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Tourist Office València - Playa

Passeig de Neptú 2, 46011 València

TOURISTIC AREA: Sea towns, Maria and beaches

Located in a flat area, without obstacles and with pavement recesses. Homogeneous pavement. 

It has WIFI connection.



Semi-glass access door.


110 cm high counter, without screen. It has an induction magnetic loop. It has written information about the services provided. Glazed enclosure, allowing visual communication with the outside.



One reserved space, of at least 220x400 cm, in Calle Pavía, 23. Two more at number 37 of the same street. Both with horizontal and vertical signs. Itinerary accessible to the information desk.


Access with ramp of 7% slope, 80 cm long and 86 cm wide. Without handrails and without side edges. Non-slip paving. Door with a free passage width of 85 cm. Without return spring. Opening towards the interior by means of a handle located at 5-136 cm on the outside and a handle located at 110-122 cm on the inside.


Inside the enclosure without unevenness. A circle of 131 cm in diameter can be inscribed. Adapted counter, 73 cm high, 70.5 cm lower free height and 15 cm lower free depth.



Access with 7% slope ramp, 80 cm long and 86 cm wide. Without handrails. Beginning and end of ramp not marked with tactovisual bands. Non-slip paving. Semi-glass door with contrasting visual signs.


Interior of the enclosure without unevenness. Non-slip and homogeneous pavement. No obstacles or cantilevered elements that hinder circulation. 110 cm high counter with direct lighting. Glazed enclosure with ample sources of natural light. No information available in Braille. It has contrasting information and signs and variable font size.

Interest information

  • Phone*

    +34 628 789 837

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