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Av. del Mar, 13 46137 Puebla de Farnals (València)


 Located on an evenly paved street. A menu for celiacs, vegetarians and diabetics is available. Guide dogs allowed. 



Solid door. 

Dining room:

It has two round tables and one oval table. There are approved signs with information on the various rooms and passageways in the establishment. 


Cubicle door with no visual aid to indicate free or occupied. Cubicle door with clear space underneath. 


Car park:

Several reserved public parking spaces, 220x450 cm. With vertical and horizontal signage, three in Calle Proyecto between 31 and 50 m away, two in Carretera Horta, 300 m away and one in Avenida del Mar, 350 m away. With an accessible, evenly paved route to the restaurant. Approach area more than 120 cm on the right and on the left side. 


Main entrance with no changes in level. Door with 100 cm clear width. Door opening outward with a handle at a height of 92 cm. 

Dining room:

Access with no changes in level. Floor surface with no bumps and slip-resistant when dry or wet. Clear corridor width, more than 120 cm. More than 120 cm clear passage width between tables. Space for a turning circle of 150 cm in diameter. Four-leg tables, with no cross bar. Height of lower edge, 74 cm; 72 cm width and 65 cm depth. Smooth floor. 


Accessible route from the entrance of the restaurant. More than 120 cm clear passage width between tables. Space for a turning circle of 150 cm in diameter. Square, round and oval one-leg tables, removable with cross bar at a height of 65 cm. Tables at a height of 72 cm; 79 cm wide and 90 cm deep. Smooth floor. 


There is an adapted toilet located outside of the restaurant with an accessible route. Signage on door with standardised symbol. Slip-resistant floor surface. Door with door handle, opening inward, with 96 cm clear width. No spring hinge. There is a space in front of and behind the door of 150 cm or more. Turning circle inside the cubicle is 150 cm in diameter. Washbasin 82 cm high with a pedestal, 39 cm clear space underneath and 41 cm depth. It cannot be reached from the toilet. Mixer tap. Height of the lower edge of the mirror, 105 cm. Width to approach the toilet, 94 cm on the right side and more than 120 cm in front. Toilet seat height, 41 cm. Folding grab bar on the right side. No alarm system inside the cubicle. 



Permanently open main door. Slip-resistant floor surface. 

Dining room:

Barrier free path with no changes in level. Slip-resistant, smooth floor surface. Menu with large, contrasted print. Uniform lighting. There are approved, high-contrast and easily readable signs, with information on the various rooms in the establishment. 


Slip-resistant, smooth floor surface. With no changes in level. 


Men's and women's toilets indicated with standardised pictograms, in contrasting colour, non-tactile and placed at a height of 158 cm. Toilet door contrasts with the wall. Uniform lighting with timer. Slip-resistant floor surface. No unmarked barriers and projecting elements. 

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