Agora Valencia, a sustainable pavilion that will be the epicenter of design

| 22.04.2022 | 10:15

The Plaza del Ayuntamiento is one of the most emblematic places in Valencia and an essential stop for any visitor. Starting in June, this iconic square will have a new building that has been baptized Agora. It's a sustainable and removable pavilion that will be the showcase and center of operations of 2022 World Design Capital Valencia. 

The building, designed by Valencian architect Miguel Arraiz together with the firm Arqueha Arquitectura y Urbanismo, will occupy a 350-square-meter area and will provide the finest example of a unique combination of the tradition and modernism, creativity and sustainability, crafts and industry that have led Valencia to be named the world capital of design in 2022. And all this just with twigs and ceramic.

Agora Valencia is taking the baton from the pavilions that once stood in other cities, such as Helsinki or Taipei, and will have an open space for visitors, an exhibit area and a screen to show videos. 

Tradition and innovation in a surprising space
The innovative materials combine surprisingly with traditional Valencian elements to form a shell using ceramic pieces that will sift the light as the hours pass, thus transforming light into an architectural element that, without a doubt, has much to do with the local character and way of life. 

The master carpenter and renowned fallas artist Manolo Garcia was tasked with making the great piece out of sticks - a technique of traditional Valencian carpentry - that will serve as the roof of the Agora, and that is inspired by the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, in a nod to Valencia as a historical gathering point for cultures.

The structure will be lit up at night like a lighthouse, through an artistic and immersive lighting installation made with low-wattage LED technology, contributing to the sustainability of the project, which will use 50% recycled materials and 70% less water. 

Epicenter of the events of 2022 World Design Capital Valencia
Beginning in June, Agora will be the focus of all 2022 World Design Capital Valencia events, becoming the venue for numerous activities for all audiences - from exhibits and meetings to screenings of short films and advertisements that will showcase the many facets of Valencian creativity. 
Intended to be much more than a fashionable building in the heart of the city, Agora aims to create links and foster interest in every aspect of design. A must-see for anyone who wants to learn more about Valencian talent.

From City Hall to the Marina of Valencia
Once the World Design Capital events are over, Agora Valencia will move to what will be its final location, the Marina. Thus, this small architectural jewel, in addition to being sustainable, is movable, thanks to its shell-like construction. 
The construction of the pavilion involved companies such as Inalco, Wandegar and Iguzzini, Radiante Creative Studio, ATG Desarrollos, Josep Martí and Quatre Caps.
Starting in June, this pavilion will provide a gathering point where locals and visitors alike can enjoy Valencian design and get to know the professionals, organizations, institutions and companies that are rooted in the culture of creativity and innovation.