Valencia, birthplace of “changemakers”

| 24.01.2023 | 08:34

The list of visionaries published by Forbes includes three representatives of Valencian innovation

Valencia celebrates having been recognized, once again, as an innovative city, brimming with creativity and new ideas, and cradle of visionary professionals. Three of the 23 Spanish "changemakers" selected by the prestigious Forbes magazine for their ability to transform reality and lead society towards a better future came out of Valencia: Nuria Oliver, Juan García Sánchez and the start-up Sepiia.

Nuria Oliver: Technology for Social Good

Telecommunications engineer and scientific director Nuria Oliver has devoted her career to computer research. She has worked on computational models of human behavior, artificial intelligence, the use of Big Data for social good, and other projects, showing that technology can help improve people's quality of life. 
A frequent speaker and advisor to national and international institutions and governments, she led the team of researchers that won the XPRIZE Pandemic Response Challenge for their use of artificial intelligence in the fight against Covid-19. Her valuable contribution has already been recognized in Valencia with one of the new murals dedicated to Women of Science that decorate various buildings in the city, specifically the Gaspar Gil Polo Primary School (c/ Miguel Paredes 5).

Mural Nuria Oliver Valencia


Juan García Sánchez and Exponentia: most competitive companies 

Juan García Sánchez is the CEO of Exponentia, a technology company that won the Forbes Innovation Award for its contribution to sustainable growth and social progress. Its customized solutions, based on artificial intelligence and the blockchain, help companies make informed decisions that allow them to improve their productivity and be more competitive. Big names in the agri-food, industrial and fintech sectors already rely on its products and guidance to optimize their results.

Sepiia: smart fashion

Federico Sainz de Robles, from Madrid, took advantage of the boost it got from Lanzadera, the Valencian business accelerator, to turn his idea of creating “smart” clothes into reality. This is how Sepiia was born, an innovative fashion brand that offers garments that don't stain or wrinkle. Its clothes are made with an elastic, soft and breathable fabric that repels sweat stains and odors. The fabric is also 100% recycled and recyclable: once you're done wearing it for good, you can send it back to the factory to be reused to create new fabrics.
Swimwear, shirts, t-shirts, dresses... the catalogue of garments is extensive and shows that innovation and style don't have to clash. You can shop online or at its main store in Madrid.

These are three examples that perfectly reflect the entrepreneurial spirit of Valencia, a city that has become a benchmark in technological innovation, where professionals can turn their most revolutionary ideas into reality.
The Marina de Valencia, in particular, is the new epicenter of ingenuity, as well as a popular leisure destination for locals and tourists alike. The buildings that hosted the team headquarters in the 2007 and 2010 America's Cup have been transformed into the Marina de Empresas, an initiative by Juan Roig, president of the Mercadona supermarket chain, to foster talent. The complex includes EDEM, a foundation dedicated to training entrepreneurs, the startup accelerator Lanzadera, and the Angels investment vehicle.

Edem Marina de Valencia

In addition, on March 30 and 31 of this year, the Marina will host TNW (The Next Web), the European congress of startups specializing in new technologies, where you'll be able to see the new crop of Valencian talent in action.