Photographs by Isabel Muñoz at Oceanogràfic

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TOURISTIC AREA: City of Arts and Alameda

A new exhibit at Oceanogràfic! Visit the Somos Agua (We Are Water) photography exhibition, on display in the aquarium’s Entrance Building through May 2022.


Photographer Isabel Muñoz, winner of the National Photography Award and two-time recipient of the World Press Photo International Award, presents 20 images taken at the Valencian aquarium. The protagonist is Japanese free diver Ai Futaki, accompanied by Oceanogràfic divers. The show meditates on the generosity of nature in a dream world, where humans and animals live in harmony. Poetic, sensitive and connected to the beauty of the underwater world.


And of course, after viewing Somos Agua, you will be able to enjoy Europe’s largest aquarium! As you may remember, the planet’s different ecosystems are represented at Oceanogràfic, with 45,000 living creatures from 500 species.


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