Sant Vicente Ferrer Festival

The city of Valencia celebrates the festivity of St Vicente Ferrer, one of the city's patron saint, on the second Easter Monday. He is possibly the most universal of the city’s sons, known as the Church’s greatest source of miracles and one of the most in

But the most important aspect of the festivity are unquestionably the representation of his life and miracles in "els altars". This is the most ancestral and direct legacy of religious life, present in the city since 1561.

"Els Milacres" are dramatisations of the miracles attributed to the patron saint, with actors under 13 years of age, always in verse and in the Valencian language. A large number of altars are erected in different parts of the city, all worshiping the image of the saint.

Although the programme of events scovers an entire weak, it culminates on Easter Monday, which the Council announces the previous day with the help of the Cathedral’s bell ringers (Gremi de Campaners) at 7.30 in the morning. They continue throughout the following day and reach their zenith when the Saint is carried out through the Puerta de los Hierros during a Solemn Procession.

This is certainly a festivity with a peculiar charisma which attracts both locals and visitors who leave the sunny beaches, which are packed at this time of the month, for a little of the culture and roots of Valencia.

He is remembered in many of the city’s corners:

  • The Cathedral (where he taught theology)
  • San Esteban’s Church (where he was baptised)
  • El Pouet (where he was born)
  • El Convento de Predicadores (the monastery where he professed his faith and eventually became prior)