Festividad 9 de octubre día de la Comunidad Valenciana

On the 9th of October every year, the people of Valencia celebrate the national day of their autonomous region. This is a historical commemoration of the date in 1238 when King James I officially entered the city of Valencia, freeing it from Moorish rule.

Since 1365 every 9th October, Valencia's Senyera flag has presided over the festivities. The Senyera flag is lowered from the main balcony of the Town Hall, rather than being taken out by the door, and carried in a civic procession to the Parterre, where a floral tribute is laid before the statue of King James. Following the event, and after the Valencian anthem has been sung, it is taken to the History Museum.

The 9th of October is today a public holiday throughout the Region of Valencia, although the tradition is stronger and the celebrations much more lively in the city itself. Further events are also organised by other institutions and groups, such as some of the organising committees of the Fallas fiesta.

The 9th of October is also the day of St. Dyonisius, the equivalent of Valentine's Day in Valencia. On this day the custom is for men to give the women what is known as a “Mocadorà”, also called a “Mocaorà”: a bundle of marzipan sweets wrapped up in a handkerchief.

Every year the cakemakers of Valencia produce thousands upon thousands of these little marzipan figures. An interesting fact is that more than 70,000 kilos of marzipan are used to produce some 200,000 "mocadoràs" to be given as gifts to wives, girlfriends and mothers.