FESTIN: the best gastro-cultural experience in Valencia

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Returning from February 16 to 25, 2024, FESTIN is the festival that combines gastronomy and art in a banquet for the senses.

Do you like art? Do you love to eat? 

Well, start whetting your appetite because from February 16 to 25, 2024 in Valencia, the best food is joining forces with art, in all its many varieties.

The most iconic venues in the province are tasked with hosting all these activities - IVAM, Les Arts, CaixaFòrum, CCCC, Bombas Gens, Sala Russafa and the Hortensia Herrero Foundation - along with prestigious art galleries and museums, such as the National Museum of Ceramics, the Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia and the Shiras gallery.

FESTIN is art, cuisine and surprising places; the union of three elements that, together, strive to surprise.

Think we're exaggerating? Judge these pairings for yourself: 

A themed menu at CaixaFòrum inspired by "colors of the world", from Novaterra.

A play or podcast - a first - in Sala Russafa, served with Argentine cuisine.

Or an aperitif designed by Ricard Camarena - with two Michelin stars - in Bombas Gens, accompanied by a tasting of Valencian wines after visiting a real medieval winery, guided by archeologist Paloma Berrocal.

And so on with up to 17 more activities, and pairings such as Les Arts and the prestigious chef of Contrapunto, Pablo Ministro, the CCCC and a good Valencian lunch with the exhibition of Llorenç Barber, the Shira Gallery with signature cuisine inspired by the contemporary exhibition of Nuria Rodríguez, and many more.

Want more information?

Then go to the event website and book your activity before they sell out.

It's quite the feast!



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