Marocas, TerretaStyle

Calle Quart, 28 46001 València

TOURISTIC AREA: Historical center

SHOP TYPE: Fashion

Marocas and TerretaStyle. A brand committed to Slow Fashion inspired by Valencia. The goal is to spread Valencian popular culture, tradition and crafts through sustainable, ethical and responsible fashion. A mix that combines not only fashion design, but graphic design applied to garments in a way that is contemporary and ground-breaking. In addition, accessories are made by hand using upcycling techniques. We value the delicacy of craftsmanship and the value of know-how and good-quality sewing. In our workshop on Quart Street, we recycle and reuse textiles employed in traditional Valencian garments, since they are rich, high-quality fabrics that speak to Valencia's history as part of the silk route. We also combine the craftsmanship of traditional embroidered garments made by hand with current garments such as t-shirts and sweatshirts made from organic cotton. We are committed to reinventing traditional clothing adapted to our times. A combination of ethical, responsible and sustainable fashion products that tell stories of Valencia from a current and contemporary point of view.



  • Adapted to reduced mobility


Calle Quart, 28 46001 València

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