Sierra Calderona Natural Park: hiking and raw nature 30 km from the city

The Sierra Calderona Natural Park has 18,019 hectares of Mediterranean habitat rich in ravines and forests of pines and cork oaks, charms that make it one of the favorite places for hiking and summer outings. Just over 30 kilometers north of the city, the best way to get there is by car. But if that's not an option for you, you can go to Bétera by metro and then by bus to Serra.  

Now that you got your bearings, we're going to introduce you to the essentials of the Sierra Calderona Natural Park so you can plan your visit. 

  • Cartuja de Porta Coeli  

  • Cartuja de Valldecrist  

  • Monastery of Santo Espíritu del Monte  

  • Castell de Serra  

  • The Dragon of Calderona  

  • Hiking trails 

Sierra Calderona

Sierra de Calderona: excursions that are half nature, half culture 

Valencia isn't lacking in excursion destinations, thanks to our location, just a stone's throw away from the sea and mountains. And the Sierra Calderona is no different. Let's look at some of the more interesting ones.  

Cartuja de Porta Coeli: a 13th century monastery in Serra  

That's right: Cartuja de Porta Coeli is a monastery in the center of the Lullén valley, in Serra. Not only is it an imposing building with a mix of styles ranging from Gothic to Neoclassical in the middle of a spectacular natural setting, the complex includes a 15th-century aqueduct. No wonder it's one of the main landmarks in the mountains of Valencia.  



Cartuja de Valldecrist: a monastic compound in the Sierra Calderona foothills  

We are going from one Carthusian monastery to another, because the Sierra Calderona Natural Park provides the perfect setting for reflection that a monastery requires. The Cartuja de Valldecrist is in the municipality of Altura, in the center of the triangle formed by Valencia, Castellón and Teruel. It's of such historical importance that it's best to hire professional guides to explain the different parts of the architectural complex, which is going through a high point right now to the efforts made in recent years to restore it. 

Cartuja de Valldecrist


Monastery of Santo Espíritu del Monte: spirituality and nature 

Another wonder housed in the mountains of Valencia is the Santo Espíritu del Monte Monastery, which is in Gilet. Best of all, it has an inn that is open to the public. So if you want to truly immerse yourself in the nature and spirit of the Sierra Calderona Natural Park, you can stay there. Its church, Franciscan library and the rooms of the inn form a complex that glimmers, especially in this mountain environment.  

Monasterio de Santo Espíritu del Monte


Castell de Serra: a historic sentry 

And speaking of special locations in the mountains of Valencia, the Castell de Serra is an enclave you simply must visit to enjoy the views of the Sierra Calderona Natural Park from up high.  From an altitude of 536 meters, it towers over the Turia Valley, providing views to the coast. It's not hard to imagine why this 600-square-meter fortress was built up there. Its main tower, fragments of the second tower, part of the crenellated wall and the cistern are all still preserved.   

Sierra Calderona


Other wonders of the Sierra Calderona Natural Park: The Dragon of Calderona 

Aside from the excursions we've mentioned, there are many others of interest in the Sierra Calderona Natural Park, like a research center with a very peculiar shape: the Dragon of Calderona, in Gilet. Although nature undoubtedly has the most valuable monuments in the mountains. Here are the top hiking trails in the Sierra Calderona Natural Park.  


Sierra Calderona: hiking trails for everyone 

To explore the park on foot or by bike, it's best to go to the park's Interpretation and Visitor Center for information. It's located in Náquera, on Calle Lepanto, 8, and it's open every day from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  

Although there are more, these are the most popular hiking trails, with their degree of difficulty, length and estimated time, so you can plan accordingly: 

  • The route of the Garbí chains: medium difficulty, 2:40 h, 7.25 km.  

  • Puntal dels Llops: medium difficulty, 1:45 h, 6 km.  

  • Mirador de Rebalsadors: high difficulty, 6 h, 19 km.  

  • Vértice de Rebalsadors - Cave: medium difficulty, 3:30 h, 10 km.  

  • Castell de Serra: medium difficulty, 2 h, 7.5 km.  

  • Vértice de Rebalsadors - summit of El Sierro: high difficulty, 5:30 h, 16 km.  

  • Muntanya Redona - El Xocainet: medium difficulty, 4 h, 11 km.  

  • Castillo del Real - Font del Frare: medium difficulty, 2 h, 7 km.  

Sierra Calderona


This is a diverse selection of points of interest and hiking trails in the Sierra Calderona Natural Park, but there are many more.   

Look into it and plan the best way for you and yours to explore the history and nature of this place.  


Centro de Visitantes. C. Lepanto, 8, Nàquera, España

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