Botanical Garden

Quart 80, 46008 València

TOURISTIC AREA: Historical center

Guide dogs allowed.

There is contrasted signage with approved pictograms, with information on spaces and routes.

Possibility of educational workshops with advance booking on telephone numbers:

96 315 68 18 / 96 315 68 05 or the e-mail address: 



Written information on the services provided. There are information panels with pictograms or short texts.


No visual aide to indicate free or occupied. No gap underneath the cubicle door.


Car park:

Eleven reserved public parking spaces, 220x450 cm. With vertical and horizontal signage, two on Calle Quart, 100 m away; two on Calle del Turia, 130 m away; one on Calle Andrés Julià, 180 m away; two on Calle Guillem de Castro, 210 m away; three on Calle Fernando El Católico, 180 m away; and another on Calle Lepanto, 210 m away. With an accessible, evenly paved route to the garden. More than 120 cm approach area on both sides.


Access with no changes in level. Door with 5.2 cm clear width. Permanently open. Smooth, slip-resistant floor surface.


Route with no changes in level. Flat surface. Even paving, mostly compacted earth. Edged with borders 10 cm high. Clear width of more than 120 cm. Rest areas with benches every 25 m. Furniture does not encroach on the route. There is a draining system to prevent flooding.


There is an adapted accessible toilet located next to the garden entrance. Signage on door with standardised symbol. Slip-resistant floor surface. Door with door handle, opening inward, with 90 cm clear width. No spring hinge. There is a space in front of and behind the door of 150 cm or more. Washbasin 84 cm high, with pedestal, with a clear space underneath 40 cm high and 20 cm deep. It cannot be reached from the toilet. Pressure tap. Height of the lower edge of the mirror, 20 cm. Upright. Front approach to toilet, 110 cm. Toilet seat height, 50 cm. Fixed grab bar on the left side, at a height of 75 cm. No alarm system inside the cubicle.



Access through a permanently open door with no change in level. 


Barrier free path with no changes in level. Edged with borders 10 cm high. Even paving, mostly compacted earth. There are information panels with large, contrasted print on the tours and routes. Written information about the plants in Valencian in small print. 


Men's and women's toilets indicated with standardised pictograms, non-tactile and in a contrasting colour, placed at a height of 140 cm. Toilet door contrasts with the wall. Uniform lighting with no timer. Slip-resistant floor surface. No unmarked barriers and projecting elements. 


  • Schedule info

    Abierto todos los días, excepto los días con viento y lluvia, y los festivos 25 de diciembre y 1 de enero.

    De noviembre a febrero, de 10h a 18h.

    Marzo y octubre, de 10h a 19h.

    Abril y septiembre, de 10h a 20h.

    De mayo a agosto, de 10h a 21h.