Calle General Gil Dolz, 16 46010 València

TOURISTIC AREA: City of Arts and Alameda

Located on a flat street, with bollards in certain sections and homogeneous paving. 

It offers a menu that can be adapted for coeliacs, vegetarians and diabetics. 

It allows access to a guide dog.



Smoked glass door.

Dining room:

It has a round table with capacity for eight people.


No free/occupied visual system. 

No free lower band in cabin door.



Reserved a public square of 220x450cm, with vertical and horizontal signs C/ Muñoz Seca, 250 m away. With accessible route, of homogeneous pavement and lowered pavements until the establishment. Approach area of more than 120 cm on the right-hand side.


Entrance with 3 cm high eyebrow. Door with a free passage width of 83 cm. Opening towards the outside by means of a handle located at a height of 110-128 cm on the inside and 100-146 cm on the outside.


Itinerary accessible from the entrance of the restaurant. Bar 116 cm high.

Dining room:

Access without unevenness. Free width of passage in corridors of 110 cm, with punctual narrowings of 90 cm. 

Free space between tables of 80 cm. With the possibility of inscribing a circle of 150 cm in diameter at the entrance to the restaurant. 

Single-foot tables 74 cm high. At the bottom, 70 cm high, 90 cm wide and 38 cm deep. 

Uniform floor.  


Located on the outside pavement of the establishment. 

Non-slip, non-slip flooring. 

Free width of passage in corridors greater than 120 cm. 

Free space of passage between tables of 110 cm. With the possibility of inscribing a circle of 150 cm in diameter. 

Tables with four legs without a crossbar, 71 cm high. At the bottom, 70 cm high, 62 cm wide and 70 cm deep.  


Uneven access. The largest bathroom is the women's bathroom. It does not have an adapted toilet. 

Door of the toilet area opening inwards with a handle, with a free passage width of 80 cm. Without return spring. 

Toilet door opening inwards with handle, with 80 cm clear passage width. Without return spring. There is a space of 110 cm in front of the door. 

In case of emergency, the lock allows the door to be opened from the outside. 

A circle with a diameter of 68 cm can be inscribed inside the cabin. 

Washbasin without pedestal, 82 cm high. Lower free height of 57 cm and depth of 34 cm. It is not possible to use it from the toilet. Single lever tap. Mirror not inclined with edge less than 98 cm from the floor. 

Toilet access space of 52 cm on the right side, 14 cm on the left side and 45 cm front access. Toilet seat 41 cm high. The toilet has no support bars. 

No alarm system inside the cabin. 

Lighting with timer. 



Entrance with 3 cm high eyebrow without tactile-visual signs. 


Unobstructed route from the restaurant entrance. 116 cm high bar with direct lighting.

Dining room:

Access without unevenness. Floor without eyebrows, non-slip and homogeneous. Menu with texts in medium font with chromatic contrast. Homogeneous illumination.  


Located on the exterior pavement of the establishment. Itinerary free of obstacles. Non-slip, homogeneous pavement without eyebrows. Natural lighting.  


Uneven route. Men's and women's toilets marked with non-tactile, approved pictograms and with chromatic contrast, situated at a height of 165 cm. Toilet door contrasted with the wall. Homogeneous illumination with timer. 


  • Business schedule
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 12:00 to 17:00 and 20:30 to 00:00