Plaça de Sant Lluís Bertran 2, 46003 València

TOURISTIC AREA: Historical center



Partly glass door.


Reception desk 105 cm high with no induction loop.

Indoor mobility:

With illuminated emergency alerts.


Car park:

Six 220x450 cm public parking spaces with vertical and horizontal signage: three in Plaza de San Esteban, 150 m away; another in Plaza del Conde Carlet, 210 m away; another in Calle del Palau, 140 m away; and another in Calle Poeta Lorente, 270 cm away, all with even paving and accessible route to the museum and with an approach area more than 120 cm on both sides. Reserved parking spaces in a public carpark in Plaza de la Reina, 400 m from the establishment. With accessible route to the Almudín.


Entrance with no steps. Door with 216 cm clear width. Door opening inward with a handle at a height of 110 cm.


Located on accessible Ground Floor with no changes in level. Reception desk 105 cm high, with a clear space underneath 100 cm high and 32 cm deep.

Indoor mobility:

Route with no changes in level. Clear corridor width, more than 120 cm. Smooth, slip-resistant floor surface.


Unisex toilet with an accessible route. With no signage on door with standardised symbol. Slip-resistant floor surface. Toilet door with a handle opening inward, with 90 cm clear width. No spring hinge. There is a space in front of and behind the door of 150 cm or more. Turning circle inside the toilet is 150 cm in diameter. Washbasin 85 cm high with a pedestal, with a clear space 42 cm high. It cannot be reached from the toilet. Mixer tap. Upright mirror; height of lower edge, 125 cm from the floor. Approach to the toilet, 60 cm wide on the left side and 100 cm in front. Toilet seat height, 52 cm. Folding grab bar on the right side and fixed grab bar on the left side. Height of the grab bars, 72 cm on the left and 63 cm on the right. Distance between grab bars, 75 cm. No alarm system inside the cubicle.


Route with no changes in level. Corridors with 4 m clear width.



Automatic glass main door with no high-contrast visual signage. Slip-resistant floor surface.


Route with no changes in level and barrier free, with a smooth, slip-resistant floor surface. Counter 105 cm high, with no direct lighting. Uniform lighting.

Indoor mobility:

Single floor building, with no changes in level. Barrier free route. Smooth, slip-resistant floor surface, with no bumps. Uniform lighting.


Smooth, slip-resistant floor surface, with no bumps. Barrier free route. Uniform lighting with no reflections in exhibition elements.

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