Universal Macromascletà in Benicalap

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TOURISTIC AREA: Palace of Congresses

Shake to the rhythm of the Universal Macromascletá that the Federació Amics de la Pólvora of Benicalap is offering next June 22

There is no one in Valencia who doesn't love to feel that adrenaline rush brought on by the mascletà as the rumbling approaches. If you're visiting Valencia, you have to try it too.

So... BAM! The Universal Macromascletà is back. The Federació Amics de la Pólvora of Benicalap prepares this event year after year for a single purpose. To make the entire city of Valencia shake!

And shake it does thanks to the more than 300 kilos of gunpowder distributed along Avenida del Levante U.D.

This year, you'll smell the gunpowder in the air as the festive spirit is more present than ever. The event will start at 6 pm with shows by various DJs.

Don't miss it!

Macromascletà València 2024
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    21:00 h. 

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    Avenida Levante U.D.

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Av. del Levante U.D., 46025 València, España

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  • Underground: L4.
  • Bus: 12, 64.
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