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Concerts de Vivers Is Back

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Spanish and international artists such as Miguel Ríos, Noa, Sofía Ellar, Jorge Drexler, Samantha, Sidecars, La Habitación Roja and Juan Perro are coming to the city for the traditional Concerts de Vivers series, 1st to 24th July.


The perfect outdoor plan to enjoy upcoming summer evenings, with 16 concerts by 22 artists at the Real Gardens:


1st July, Miguel Rios

2nd July, Noa

3rd July, Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés

4th July, Sofia Ellar

6th July, La M.O.D.A

7th July, Pastora Soler

8th July, God Save the Queen

9th July, Corazonadas “Natalia Lacunza-Samantha”

10th July, Sidecars

11th July, Jorge Drexler

15th July, Coque Malla and Sole Giménez

16th July, La Habitación Roja + CoraYako

17th July, Oques Grasses + La Fúmiga · SOLD OUT

22nd July, Juan Perro + L’Eix Radical

23rd July, Camela

24th July, El Kanka


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The venue for these performances, the Real Gardens, is a spacious area where seats can be set up while maintaining safe distances.

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