"After being magnificent": the third installment of Ante el Magnífico (Ante the Magnificent)

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The La PlaZeta Theater reveals what happened with Ante the Magnificent

Ante is a peculiar 18th century showman who, as a master of ceremonies, visits cities putting on a unique circus show starring his incredible Magnificents: daring trapeze artists, brave acrobats, a bearded woman and mysterious magicians.

Two years ago, he came to Valencia to explain to us his mission, which consisted of gathering emotions through his Magnificents.

Soon after, he came back so we could find out what happened before he became a master of ceremonies, but then he disappeared, and we never heard from him again…

Until now!

Ante the Magnificent returns to the La PlaZeta Theater with "After being magnificent", the thrilling show that will reveal what has become of Ante and his Magnificents. 

Did they keep collecting emotions? What happened to Clementine, the bearded woman? And her brother, Pierré?

From December 25 to January 7, Teatral Circus Experience will answer all these questions and many more with the third installment of "Ante, the Magnificent".

Are you ready for this new adventure?

Buy your ticket here and find out what happened to them.

Don't just hear about it second-hand!



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    Avda. Primado Reig, 8. València

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Avenida del Primado Reig, 8, Valencia, València, España

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