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Mayumana returns with their show Currents

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TOURISTIC AREA: Historical center

The famed music and dance company Mayumana comes to València.

They arrive to present their latest show, Currents, on the stage at the Olympia Theatre.

With a 24-year history and audiences numbering over 8 million around the world, they return with a performance inspired by the historic dispute between Thomas Alva Edison and Nikola Tesla.

Why was there such opposition between them?

Well, because one had developed direct current and the other, alternating.

What we have here is a Battle of Currents which took place in the late 19th century. It is depicted on stage as a back-and-forth argument with the company's very characteristic aesthetic and sound.

You can come see Currents this 20th–31st October. Head here to purchase your tickets.


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