Federación de Triatlón Comunidad Valenciana

Calle Aviación, 15 46940 Manises


SPORT TYPE: Triathlon

The Triathlon Federation of the Valencian Community is dedicated to the promotion, organization and control of the modalities, such as the Triathlon, the Duathlon, the Winter Triathlon, the Quadriathlon. From our organization we promote the organization of sporting events in our community, and we have launched the Mediterranean Triathlon brand, which is about organizing three large popular triathlon events in our community, specifically in the three provincial capitals Valencia, Castellón and Alicante . These three events host important events such as European Cups, European Championships or World Cups, together with popular competitions, in order to bring our sport to the largest number of people possible, and promote the Valencian Community, such as the ideal place to practice our sport.


Calle Aviación, 15 46940 Manises

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