Discover the new metropolitan green ring :

The healthiest way to go from the sea to the farmland

Valencia offers visitors a new, healthy and sustainable way to enjoy the various natural and rural settings that surround the city: the Metropolitan Green Ring. This 56-kilometer circular corridor for cyclists and pedestrians connects the farmland with the sea and crosses natural parks and historic roads, as well as different outlying towns, bringing users closer to the cultural heritage of the region. 

More than 30 kilometers are already open, and the rest will be completed in coming months. Along this route you will find information signs on nearby points of interest, as well as rest areas with bike parking where you can stop for a snack or take a nap in the shade of pine trees.  

The idea isn't to do the route as fast as possible. The Green Ring is a sustainable mobility option for travelling between towns and, above all, a route to savor and explore little by little, segment by segment while enjoying the sun, the sea breeze and the green landscapes. Rent a bike or put on your trekking shoes and take a bus to one of the points that's accessible by public transport, or ride a bike along one of the bike lanes from the city, to start your tour. 

We present the main points of interest in a clockwise direction, but, of course, you can choose to explore the Green Ring in reverse, or simply pick whichever segment you're in the mood for. 


South Huerta: Pinedo - Sedaví – Picanya - Aldaia  

Start by the sea, on Pinedo Beach, which you can bike to easily from the City of Arts and Sciences using the bike lane. Take this opportunity to take a dip or visit the Albufera Natural Park before continuing the route and entering the Huerta, which consists of rice paddies and crop fields. Here you will find examples of the ancient network of canals (acequias) and the typical huts (alquerías) and farmsteads originally made of reeds and mud, such as the Alquería de Moret and the Alquería de Saboner. It's a place where time seems to stand still. 

Playa Pinedo
Pinedo Beach


Inland and Turia Natural Park: Aldaia - Quart de Poblet  

The route continues inland along a rural landscape of fields and canals, like the canal of Quart-Faitanar to the town of Quart de Poblet, where it connects with the Turia River Park Road, which goes into the Turia Natural Park, one of those wonderful natural settings that's just a stone's throw away from the city, and where you can get lost among forests or sit down to meditate on the banks of the Turia River. If you want to explore this section directly from Valencia, you can reach Quart de Poblet by metro or bike from Parque de Cabecera. 

Rio Turia
Turia Natural Park


North Huerta: Quart de Poblet - Paterna – Moncada – Meliana - Port Saplaya (Alboraya) 

The Green Ring will continue towards Paterna and Massarrojos (section not yet built), entering the northern section of the Huerta. In Paterna you can visit the Caves of the Tower, curious dwellings of Moorish origin dug into the ground. With the Sierra Calderona on the horizon, the landscape becomes more varied, and the route crosses ravines such as Palmaret and Carraixet, from where you can take in panoramic views of orange and olive groves. After visiting the historic mill and Real Acequia in Moncada, you can continue towards the coast and connect with the Via Churra in Meliana to return to Valencia, or cool off with a nice horchata on the shores of the Mediterranean in Alboraya. 

North Horta


The coast: Port Saplaya - Séquia de Vera – Pinedo  

Finally, you can enjoy a pleasant ride by the sea as you cross the urban beaches of Patacona, Malvarrosa and El Cabanyal. Some seafood tapas in the Cabanyal neighborhood or a delicious rice dish in one of the restaurants of the Paseo Neptuno or the Marina in Valencia can provide the ideal ending to replenish your strength after the hike or ride... that is, unless you choose to continue to Pinedo Beach, and go around the Green Ring again. 

Port Saplaya




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