Apollo 11 Exhibit at CaixaForum

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Visit the exhibit "Apollo 11. The arrival of man on the Moon" through June 11. An unforgettable trip for us to relive thanks to CaixaForum Valencia.

You can now enjoy the exhibit “Apollo 11. The arrival of man on the Moon" in CaixaForum Valencia!

It recalls mankind's exploits in space until the day of our greatest achievement: setting foot on the Moon. And of course, it also considers everything that famous phrase “That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind” has left in our society.

More than 300 years passed between the time Galileo first looked at the Moon through a telescope he himself had made, until a human being managed to caress its surface. A journey through time that culminated thanks to the brave astronauts who made the Apollo 11 mission possible.

Don't miss this exhibit before it lifts off again next June, and discover the technological and scientific advances brought to us by that dream hundreds of years in the making. Get your ticket at this link!

And as the already famous slogan of the new Artemis expedition says, back to the Moon… "3, 2, 1... We are going!”



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    Free for children under 16 and CaixaBank customers.

    €6 for the general public.


CaixaForum Valencia, Carrer d'Eduardo Primo Yúfera, 1A, 46013 Valencia, España

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  • Underground: L10.
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