Abanicos Burriel

Calle San Fernando, 3 46001 València

TOURISTIC AREA: Historical center


Salvador Burriel, together with his wife Pilar Castellano, founded Burriel Abanicos in 1964 in Aldaia, a town in Valencia. Year after year, he and his wife worked hard so that we could now delight in this pleasure as we know it. Fans in different shapes and sizes, colors and materials, born in a small and dusty workshop where the Burriel family creates them and brings them to life. Over the years, they passed down the management of the company to their sons, Javier and Daniel Burriel Castellano, who have this craft in their blood, since they helped their father in the workshop from a very young age. They are the second generation in the history of this company. Over the years, this family business has grown and expanded little by little, always upholding the virtues of this product made by hand 100% in Spain. Their main tools are their hands, and especially their heart. Voro and Pilar didn’t know that the small business they started from nothing to provide for their family would, with a lot of ambition, turn into a large company that distributes its products throughout Spain and various countries around the world. Continuing with the dream of its founders, their sons and grand-daughter, Noemi Burriel, are working to keep growing and to show the world that the Burriel company is not just one more company; rather, it’s a family of intrepid businesspeople who will continue to pursue their goals in their honor.


  • Schedule info 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • Adapted to reduced mobility


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