Dive into the wonderful world of escape rooms without leaving Valencia

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Are you a fan of escape rooms?

Don't miss Moment Escape, a center with four escape rooms decorated in full detail so you can enjoy a unique experience.

Each one simulates a super realistic scenario in which, playing as a group, you will have to decipher all the puzzles presented in order to successfully exit before the time runs out.

If you want to feel fear, tension, mystery or fantasy without leaving the room, choose the option you like most and let the adventure begin!

Test your senses to escape from “Saw: The Abandoned Factory”; claim the valuable treasure of “The Pantheon's Heritage”; tremble with fear and struggle to get out alive in “Elisabeth. The orphanage"; or help the shaman put the spark back in the lives of the people of Chiapas in ”The Magic Temple of Angora” ― these last two adventures are in Spanish and English.

Which one do you prefer?

Book your favorite room here and enjoy an unforgettable time solving the new challenges of Moment Escape as a team.



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    Monday to Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

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    Tomás de Villarroya, 14. Bajo 2. València

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    From €13


Carrer de Tomás de Villarroya, 14, València, España

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