The "Open Cooking Festival" is back in a renewed edition for the finest palates

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Special menus, gourmet restaurants, Michelin star and unique experiences come together in the renewed "Festival Cuina Oberta"

After 14 editions, which have turned "Cuina Oberta Restaurant Week" into the most important biannual event in gastronomy in the city of Valencia, it's back from April 11th to April 21st, 2024 under the name "Festival Cuina Oberta" with many new features.

In this first edition with the new format, you can enjoy lunch and dinner menus from €28, and also try more gourmet offerings from €48, and even Michelin-starred meals for €80.

But that won't be the only highlight of this culinary event! 

Now you can enjoy gastronomic experiences as diverse as horchata, sushi, vermouth, or rice workshops; musical performances accompanied by a cocktail; a pastoral walk among the local Guirros lambs; or a visit to the 'tira de contar' followed by lunch.

As a grand finale, the new festival will join forces with the celebration of València European Green Capital 2024. Together, they will award the prize for the greenest menu, recognizing the most sustainable culinary creation that highlights local produce.
Book your space now at the "Festival Cuina Oberta" website and don't hear about it second-hand. Because you can't taste words!



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    Restaurants: €28 for lunch and €36 for dinner.
    Gourmet restaurants: €48 for lunch and €56 for dinner.
    Michelin-starred restaurants: €80 for lunch and €100 for dinner.

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