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In spite of everything, Cuina Oberta is back on time for her autumn appointment.

From 19th to 29th November, this edition will bring us interesting new features, such as the incorporation of unique establishments, such as Casa Manolo and Riff, or the gift of a glass of cava for all users of the #TarjetaValènciaON. 

The philosophy of the event is none other than to support restaurants, encourage consumption and publicise seasonal and local products. All this at the usual prices, 24 euros at lunch and 32 euros for dinner; and a supplement of 15 euros in gourmet restaurants. On this occasion, we must add the enormous effort made by the 55 participating restaurants to link the best gastronomy with the maximum guarantees of safety.  

All participating establishments will include at least five seasonal ingredients on their menus, such as lemon, tangerine, orange, sweet potato, chard, spinach, turnip or beetroot; thus also supporting local producers. 

If you are thinking of making a reservation, download the València ON Card, with which, just for being a resident of the province of Valencia, you will have numerous advantages and discounts, and in addition, all the restaurants of Cuina Oberta will invite you to toast with Hoya de Cadenas cava.  

And remember that if we are all responsible, enjoy at tables of a maximum of six people and respect the safety distance, there will always be Cuina Oberta.

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Dates and times: 
From 19-11-2020To 29-11-2020

Restaurants lunch 24 euros and dinner 30 euros

Gourmet restaurants lunch 39 euros and dinner 45 euros


*Drinks not included