Christmas Tree Route in Valencia

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Choose your favorite Christmas tree from among the 20 that are set up in the gardens, squares and parks of Valencia

Did you know that Valencia is now full of magic thanks to the 20 Christmas trees scattered all around the city?

Well, it is. And all of them are decorated with the best lights, ornaments and garlands.

Design your own route and discover them all! From the most iconic, like the one in Plaza del Ayuntamiento and Plaza de la Reina, to others equally beloved, like the one in Plaza de la Virgen or Mercado Colón.

They will fill you with Christmas spirit.

Here's a list so you don't miss any of them!

  1. Arturo Piera (Olivereta)
  2. Plaza Lope de Vega (Ciutat Vella)
  3. Poet Pastor Aicart (Zaidia)
  4. Jardín Ermita Orriols (Rascanya)
  5. San Isidro (Patraix)
  6. Start of Avenida de Aragón (Plaza del Real)
  7. Garden in calle Jose Mortes Lerma (Patraix)
  8. Parque Higinio Noja (Camins al Grao)
  9. Jardín Central Campoamor – Centro Juventud (Algirós)
  10. Hort de Senabre (Jesus)
  11. Cruz Cubierta
  12. Plaza Patraix
  13. Plaza Obispo Olaechea (San Marcelino)
  14. San Valero – Plaza Barón de Cortes (Ruzafa)
  15. Antiguo Mercado de Abastos (Extramurs)
  16. Plaza de la Iglesia de Campanar
  17. Plaza Nueva de la Iglesia de Benicalap
  18. Plaza de la Cruz del Canyamelar (Poblats Maritims)
  19. Parque Olta Malilla (Quatre Carreres)
  20. Plaza Benimaclet


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