Cabecera Park & Bioparc

Antiguo Cauce del Río Turia València

Touristic zone: 
Bioparc and Cabecera Park

Located in the historical bed of the Turia River, the park extends along the green belt of the former riverbed, fulfilling part of the project to join the natural channel of the Turia with the artificial channel. It recreates the original landscape of the Turia, making water its most important feature. The area contains an open-air auditorium, a dock, a bar and play areas for children. The sections which are open to the public are sector 1 (Mountain - viewpoint) and sector 2 (Mediterranean Riverside woodland). Sectors 3 (Bioparc) and 4 (Amusement Park) are run privately, however the Amusement Park has not yet been opened. The Bioparc is the biggest zoological park in the city and a visit is a must for children. Barriers are practically invisible, the animals roam free and it measures some 100,000 square metres.

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