Turiart is a company specialized in cultural and family tourism in the Valencian Community. It offers regular guided tours and private tours and manages cultural tourist programs in Valencia and the region, including the organization of guides, transport, accommodation, restaurants and tickets to museums and monuments so that visitors can enjoy a complete experience in the city.


Some of the highlights of the guided tours are:


- Essential Valencia and its World Heritage

A guided tour through the historic center of Valencia to discover its most emblematic streets, squares and monuments, paying special attention to the city's three World Heritage Sites: the Lonja de la Seda, the Tribunal de las Aguas and Las Fallas.

An opportunity to enjoy a journey through Valencia's past and the present and so hold fantastic memories of your visit to the city.

Timings: every day at 11.00. from the 'Tourism Hub' at the Estacion del Norte.


- Valencia Family Tour

A tour specially designed for families. A guided tour that includes games and activities for the little ones visiting the essentials of Valencia in a didactic and fun way.

Timings: every Saturday at 5:00 pm (October to April) or 6:00 pm (May to September) from the 'Tourism Hub' at the Estación del Norte.


- Mysteries and Legends by the light of the Valencian moon

A night tour to discover the most mysterious corners of Valencia, walking through the alleys of the old town and discovering the stories behind the gargoyles of the historic buildings as well as the legends of the city.

Timings: on scheduled dates at 11.00 pm from the Lonja de la Seda.


- Sorolla, Valencia's painter

Joaquín Sorolla is, without doubt, Valencia's most famous painter. Known as the painter of light, Sorolla captured in his paintings everyday scenes of the sea and the fishermen who lived by the Mediterranean.

You can now discover all those places that marked his life and inspired his work as well as a selection of his works that are exhibited in the Museum of Fine Arts and the José Benlliure House-Museum.

Timings: on scheduled dates at 11.00 from Calle Pintor Sorolla, 2.


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They offer routes specifically for people with reduced mobility or the hearing impaired. 


Tours with accessible itinerary:

VALENCIA OLD TOWN Route: Torres de Serranos, Plaza de la Virgen, Plaza de La Almoina, Valencia Cathedral, Miguelete, Plaza Redonda, Lonja de la Seda, Central Market. AVAILABLE AMENITIES: When devising the route, streets were chosen that are wide enough for groups of PLM to pass, and narrow streets, together with the obstacles these could present, have been avoided. The availability of rest areas with benches was also considered for stopping en route and for the monitors to rest. Plaza de la Virgen: * Access via ramps * Urban furniture for resting **Optional: Entry to the Basilica. Access via ramps Plaza de la Reina: Valencia Cathedral * Reserved public parking spaces in Plaza de la Reina Public Carpark, with an accessible route to the Cathedral * Access via ramps (1 outside and 1 inside) * Accessible ground floor with no changes in level. Route with no changes in level and wide corridors. Access to the Chapel: via a ramp. Plaza Redonda: * Accessible * Flat ground with no changes in level Lonja de la Seda: * Access with an alternative entrance with a platform lift * Accessible Ground Floor Route with no changes in level with wide corridors ** It will not be possible to see the Second Floor since there is a staircase with 28 high steps Central Market: * Access through three out of four entrances via ramps with a handrail and smooth, slip-resistant paving * Automatic doors * Level route DURATION: Between 2 and a half and 3 hours including some breaks and entry to the Cathedral and Lonja de la Seda (2h30’/ 3h00’) PRICES: Guide service - EUR 135.00 (MAXIMUM 15 PEOPLE WITH WHEELCHAIRS, 30 WITH SUPPORT STAFF) Ticket management and booking - EUR 5.00 p.p. (Valencia Cathedral and Management) CITY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES ROUTE: Hemisféric, Oceanogràfic, Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, Ágora. AVAILABLE AMENITIES: General Complex * Several entrances via ramps, carparks or lifts, with maximum accessibility * Even, slip resistant paving Hemisfèric * Space suitable for the use and manoeuvring of wheelchairs. * Access via a lift Science Museum * Access to the upper floors via a lift. * Space suitable for the use and manoeuvring of wheelchairs. Oceanogràfic * Access to the various towers via lifts with no need to alert the staff or via ramps. * There are seats reserved for PLM in the dolphinarium. * There are small changes in level on the route. Palau de les Arts * Alternative entrance with no change in level. * Two seats reserved for people with limited mobility. DURATION: Two hours for an outside tour of the various areas. PRICES: Guide service – EUR 135.00 (MAXIMUM 15 PEOPLE WITH WHEELCHAIRS, 30 WITH SUPPORT STAFF)