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If you love food, then you will enjoy the fresh produce, their colour and flavour, and if you value richness, variety and quality in the kitchen, then the Central Market in Valencia is a paradise you cannot miss out on. It is an essential place to visit in the city, with an enormous collection of modernist architecture containing fresh produce from the Valencia orchard and all the flavour and aromas from the Mediterranean. Don't doubt about it, visit Central Market. Your senses will thank you!

It is the largest market with fresh produce in Europe and it stands out for its rich and varied cuisine. It is located in one of the most emblematic modernist buildings in the city. It is 8,000 m2 and full of decorative references to the orchard and gardens in Valencia. Its structure, formed by iron columns, remind us of the Eiffel Tower; tile and stained glass make it an attractive architecture that is a must to see. When you visit it, you will not only love what you see, but also the colours, aromas, smells...it is full of Mediterranean life. It is a place where you can buy traditional products, yet it is also a space where more and more tourists visit.

This Valencia agora has more than 1200 stalls with fresh fruit and vegetables, especially oranges, tomatoes and beans. Meat, cheese, spices, nuts, spices fish, seafood are just some of the other products on offer, yet it is the live eels that seem to catch everyone's attention. If you do not want to buy anything, but you want to taste the food, you can stop at the Central Bar, the Central Market's traditional bar at the hands of chef Ricard Camarena, where you can have tapas, assorted dishes and sandwiches. Whether you want to buy products or enjoy the cuisine, the Central Market is a magical place. Don't miss out!


Plaza del Mercado, s/n; 46001 - Valencia

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POINT (-0.37866880000001 39.4742084)
963 829 100
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Open Monday –Saturday 8.00am to 3.00pm. Closed Sundays.

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Car park:

There is a reserved public parking space close to the entrance to the Market square. The Market carpark has no parking spaces reserved for PLM but it is accessible via a ramp with a handrail, 12% incline and 440 m long.


It has four entries; three of which have access ramps with handrails and slip-resistant, even paving. Automatic or permanently open entrance door with more than 90 cm clear width.

Indoor mobility:

Route with no changes in level. Counter height, around 120 cm. Clear corridor width, more than 120 cm. Smooth, slip-resistant floor surface.


There is an adapted toilet on the Basement Floor with an accessible route via lift. Located at the entrance to Calle Barón de Cárcer. No standardised symbol on the door. Slip-resistant floor surface. Toilet door with handle and no changes in level, opening outward, with 80 cm clear width. Cubicle door with door handle, opening outward, with 80 cm clear width. The lock can be opened from the outside in the event of an emergency. Turning circle inside the cubicle is 150 cm in diameter. Washbasin 88 cm high, no pedestal, with a clear space underneath 70 cm high and 55 cm deep. Pressure tap. Approach to the toilet, 210 cm wide on the left side and 120 cm in front. Toilet seat height, 50 cm. Fixed grab bar on the right side, at a height of 63 cm. No alarm system inside the cubicle.


A lift connects the Basement and First Floor. Located on an accessible floor with an accessible route. With 100 cm clear width and a 160x150 cm cab. Height of call buttons, 100 cm; height of cab buttons, 90 cm; and height of handrail, 100 cm.



All-glass entrance door.


No visual aide to indicate free or occupied. No gap underneath the cubicle door.



Main door with high-contrast visual signage, permanently open.

Indoor mobility:

Barrier free route. Slip-resistant, smooth floor surface. Uniform lighting.


Men's and women's toilets indicated with flat, standardised pictograms, with no contrasting colours. Toilet door contrasts with the wall. Uniform lighting. Slip-resistant floor surface.


A lift connects the Basement and First Floor. With contrasted buttons, in Braille characters and embossed. Handrail height, 100 cm. Equipped with audio signals to indicate floor landing and direction of movement. Floor in front of the lift door indicated with a tactile-visual strip. Equipped with an audio alarm and intercom.