World Design Policy Conference

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TOURISTIC AREA: Palace of Congresses

The València Conference Centre will host the World Design Policy Conference, featuring such leading figures as Ezio Manzini, Brandon Gien, Alok Nandi, Leyla Acoroglu, René Spitz, Anna Whicher, Päivi Tahkokallio, Gisele Raulik Murphy and Brigitte Borja de Mozota.  

The goal will be to provide a global platform for the exchange of ideas and best practices among different countries, regions and cities that are initiating, developing and maintaining an effective design policy. These policies are essential to shaping the prosperity and wellbeing of a city and its inhabitants.  

The outcome and conclusions of this gathering will serve to lay the foundations for establishing public policies in which design plays a key role, understood from the perspective of rigour and good judgment in their application.  

The conference will include representatives of the European Commission and the New European Bauhaus. It will highlight the social relevance of design to leading firms, organisations and institutions in the practice of integrating design into corporate and growth strategies. 

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