Nights at the Oceanogràfic


The night of the dolphins WHO, WHAT AND HOW. Nights at the Oceanogràfic have become a summer classic in Valencia. During the activity the public are able to move freely throughout the site, where marine species from all corners of the world are housed. Everyone can enjoy a very special show featuring dolphins. WHEN AND WHERE. From 14 July to 31 August. Doors open at 20:00. The show in the dolphinarium starts at 22:30. The Oceanogràfic building is located at the end of the architectural complex of the City of Arts and Sciences. WHY YOU SHOULDN’T MISS IT. Because even though you may have visited the Oceanogràfic by day, you've never seen the impressive aquarium facilities illuminated. The dolphinarium show is also something very special. It includes the participation of a synchronised swimming team and an urban dance troupe, and talks about the balance and preservation of the oceans and the planet. Tickets are €25 for adults and €19.50 for children.

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All daysFrom 13-07-2018To 01-09-2018

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