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TOURISTIC AREA: Bioparc and Cabecera park

Christmas is a time that everyone is looking forward to and is especially awaited by the little ones. And at BIOPARC these dates come with the tradition of giving the first gift, the annual children's B! Pass. Until the 6th of January, all children from 4 to 12 years old can apply for their B! Pass in the simplest way, by filling in their details on the website. In this way, they can start enjoying one of the best animal parks in the world right now to take advantage of the bank holidays and school holidays, as well as the whole of next year, 2022. 

The procedure must be carried out by parents or guardians, and they will receive a free annual B! children's pass, valued at €38, paying only €3.5 administration costs and €1 that goes to the BIOPARC Foundation’s conservation projects. In addition, to make the operation easier for families, they can request as many passes as they need. In this way, BIOPARC maintains its commitment to society by becoming a meeting place and favouring access in the most advantageous financial terms. 

The virtual game "Christmas Spell", an initiative aimed at the youngest members of the family where they can learn while having fun, solving various challenges, is also being reintroduced. The African environment accompanies them to discover different animal species and learn about the dangers faced by nature to protect it, all together. BIOPARC thus continues with its fundamental objectives such as education and awareness-raising to change behaviours and preserve the environment. 

Outstanding among the proposals for this month is the Abandoned Dogs Parade, which will take place on Sunday the 19th at 12 noon, in collaboration with the A.U.P.A protective society. On weekends and public holidays, you can take part in the free complimentary activities that take place throughout the day. 

BIOPARC is going through a very special time at the moment, with the chimpanzee and gorilla cubs, the little hippopotamus Gori and all the new life that, since spring, has been filling every corner. 


The park is open every day of the year, now from 10 am to 6 pm. At Christmas, on December 24th and 31st it closes at 5 pm and on December 25th and January 1st it opens at 11 am. BIOPARC offers the opportunity to take a trip to some of the most beautiful and threatened habitats, integrating education and awareness to change behaviour and preserve the environment. Children's admission is free until they are four years old and for all those who want to visit the park as a regular leisure space, there are different types of B! passes with very cheap rates for adults from €25+1€ all year round or the ‘Pack Pass’ for adults at €40+1€. 

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