Get an inside look at the Special Section Federation fallas

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Go inside the structure of the nine monuments of the Federación de Fallas de Sección Especial with a pass to visit the bowels of the monuments.

On March 16, 17, 18 and 19, you can visit the inside of the nine Fallas of the Federación de Sección Especial.

That's right, you can skip the lines at the city's most impressive Fallas monuments, see how they are made and calmly read all the critical poetry they have written inside, like a VIP.

The pass gives you access to the fenced enclosure that houses each monument of the city's most important commissions:

1.    Cuba-Literato Azorín.
2.    Exhibition.
3.    Av. Reino de Valencia- Duque de Calabria.
4.    L'Antiga de Campanar.
5.    Plaza del Pilar.
6.    Almirante Cadarso-Conde Altea.
7.    Convento Jerusalén-Matemático Marzal.
8.    Plaza Na Jordana.
9.    Sueca-Literato Azorín.

A pass that includes a ticket to go inside each monument and that you can enjoy in whatever order you want during the four days. And it's yours for a very special price, because if you buy them separately, it will be more expensive - each Falla usually charges €3 to 5 per ticket.

Seriously, look at the prices of the passes: the one for adults costs €15, and for children ages 4 to 12 it's €12. You can't beat that.

Grab your entrance pass to the nine Fallas de Sección Especial and get a front-row seat to revel in their art.



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  • Place

    Calle de la Paz, 48, 46003, Valencia, España

  • Price

    Adultos 15 €

    Niños (4 a 12 años) 12 €


Calle de la Paz, 48, 46003, Valencia, España

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