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Festival 10 Sentidos: Dreamers

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What world do the new generations want? Under the slogan Soñadores (Dreamers), the 10 Senses Festival extends its 9th edition, temporarily suspended by the pandemic, until December.

The festival focuses on young people: their worries, their conflicts, and their dreams for the future. In its new format, cinema, music, art, dance, theatre, and social and urban innovation projects will be presented in various locations throughout the city.

Would you like to take an active part? Write your request on the Futuros Deseos website, which will collect and compile the fears of young people from all over the world until 12 November, when the results of the project will be presented in Las Naves.

These are some of the other events in the program, which you can consult on the 10 Senses Festival website:

RITO: ANOTHER DANCE - San Miguel de los Reyes Monastery, 17 September

A complex artistic production that combines light, sound and staging to explain aspects of human existence and the forces of nature without words. A show that awakens the five senses. Tickets cost 7-9 euros and can be booked here.

FASE: FOUR MOVEMENTS FOR THE MUSIC OF STEVE REICH - Teatro El Musical, 25 and 26 September

An original production by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, which adds different variations to four repetitive compositions by American minimalist Steve Reich, performed by a new generation of dancers. Tickets cost 12€ and can be booked here.


Eight proposals of the most modern dance from all over the world, in which originality, quality and new movement languages stand out. Tickets cost 10€ and can be booked here.

Enjoy the living art and do not stop dreaming!

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