Enjoy Anna Boghiguian’s first exclusive monograph at the IVAM

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Anna Boghiguian is one of the most interesting contemporary artists of our time. After exhibiting in different cities around the world, the first monographic exhibition dedicated exclusively to her work is coming to Spain.

The Egyptian-Canadian artist of Armenian origin uses colonialism as a pivot for a radical change in people's relations with the world. However, her work has a personal and profound touch, as Boghiguian draws her images from her own experience, her emotional response to certain situations and her constant movement.

The exhibition is a compilation in which the artist explores the economic, political, historical and social impact of certain episodes of the past on the present day.

Drawings, paintings, collages and art installations are all present, through which Boghiguian expresses her way of thinking in a poetic and visual way.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to submerge yourself in the work of Anna Boghiguian from 10 March to 4 September at IVAM.

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